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Love Letters...

I received an email from one of my students that is worth sharing. I feel fairly shy about compliments, but it illuminates a core principle of my work: never for money, always for love. Our exchange cost us next to nothing, but gave us both so much....

Dear Valarie-

Thank you for class today. It was very poignant with where I am during this time - as you always have a way of doing. I am so grateful for you. I am grateful for your knowledge, your wisdom, your feelings, your thoughts, your grace, your care and your energy. I feel safe with you. I feel challenged by you. You really are a healer. You are a mirror to help us see ourselves differently, to grow, to better understand how we live, what we feel and everything that goes along with that. This time for myself- the body work, the meditation, the giving myself time to think and process and feel and allow- has been so necessary and especially during this weird time in all of our lives...

I am sorry I am not financially helping you like I want to. Please know, it is no indication of my appreciation of you or your value. If at any point, you need additional compensation beyond my current non-donation, I will make it work. I know most people are struggling right now for a myriad of reasons and we are no exception. We are potentially needing to rent our apartment out for a time to be spending less and are doing what we can for jobs. We have really been put in a new position to find what things we are truly grateful for...

Dear Student-

Thank you for the beautiful expression of how you have connected to our work together. It is so fulfilling for me to know that the depth of impact I intend is actually received that way. I am honored and grateful to be part of your growth and healing. I would reflect back that you, and all of the students who have committed to our process together as a community, have truly helped shape the work every step of the way... I do not believe that we can place a monetary value on a life or a person; so it does not bother me one bit that you are not able to pay for class right now. I know that if I needed help, I could ask any one of the people who take my class and each of you would do whatever you could within your means to help me. If I am hungry or need shelter, I will reach out. For now, just focus on how to move inside of this huge change that is happening in our lives, and know that some of the shifts were inevitable... Yours in faith, hope, and love.

I have been showered with all kinds of support from students, family, and friends since the pandemic began- and truthfully for my whole life. Those who can give materially help me continue to give in my work. I am expanding this dynamic further now by offering free classes to frontline workers or any other nurturers who need nurturing. My first project begins this month and is open to the entire faculty of my son's school. I believe in giving to the givers. If you would like to support this initiative donate. If you would like to offer a free class to a group of people who you know need it contact me. If you would like to cultivate your own commitment to loving the world in all of its imperfection try this audio class: HEARTCENTERED.

Spread love, that's the sacred way...

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