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Inevitable Change...

I had an interesting conversation with my father. In total truthfulness, I have had a lifetime of interesting conversations with my father. He is a thoughtful and thought provoking person- I am very grateful to have a close, deep relationship with him. It is worth noting, however, that if you don't want to know what he really thinks then it's best not to inquire. Samulskis have a certain type of scalpel-edged honesty. So when I asked him what he thought about my last blog post, I closed one eye and crossed both sets of fingers. "Well, if you are someone who is looking to make a change, then what you wrote would probably be helpful." It was almost a compliment! But even better, it made me wonder...

Does changing actually require "looking to make a change?" Enter the second sage in my life, my son. During one of his recent musings he said "Mom, I really wish I could watch a flower bloom." We were gifted a beautiful Amaryllis bulb this holiday season, and it was rapidly becoming. Despite noting the obvious differences in height each day and the eventually magnificent red blooms, he wanted to be able to see the moment to moment unfolding as it happened...

Being halfway situated between 71 and 11 years of age, I realize my unique vantage point. Most changes happen whether or not you see them, notice them, or look for them. In fact, change is happening all the time- even when you might not particularly want it to. You don't typically get to choose whether to change; you only get to choose how to be in relationship to what is changing. You can push, you can pull, dig your heels in, hold your breath, pray for it to be over, blame everybody, pretend it's not happening or- you can accept it, align with it, and gracefully transform into the next, better version of yourself...

Change, even when imperceptible, is inevitable.

What happens when change is not so subtle? Take a deep dive into your body to meet the moment with an adaptive approach to THE UNEXPECTED.

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