"Valarie's practice is unique... it offers an intense, challenging and very specific work-out combined with an inspired guided meditation.  Through my sustained concentration on her detailed, image-driven instructions, I emerge from our time on the mat refreshed, focused and relaxed.  I've come to rely on her practice for maintaining my strength, flexibility- and peace of mind!"

Jane Blumberg

"Valarie is a healer.  She has helped me through multiple physical and spiritual struggles in the last five years.  She facilitates long-lasting changes in our bodies, beliefs, and attitudes.  She empowers her students by helping them physically, mentally, emotionally and connecting those things together in each of us.  I take what we practice on the mat into my daily life, and I feel like a calmer, healthier, more thoughtful, happier person because of it."

Amy Quanbeck

"Valarie is an amazing, perceptive teacher.  She has evolved her practice to an intense combination of relaxed exercise and introspective motivational riffing that needs to be experienced to be understood. Her unique thematic discussions link physical exercises to the brain, and connect the challenges that show up in the practice to broader patterns of everyday life behavior, with strategies and solutions to adapt."

John Santoleri

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